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Data Protection

Details provided by you above shall be held by The ICLIF Leadership & Governance Centre (“Iclif”) on a database and may be shared with external third parties acting on behalf of Iclif as necessary. Iclif may wish to process your personal information in connection with a variety of activities which may include sending you publicity information about Iclif and its Alumni. Iclif respects your privacy and is committed to handling all personal data with care under the PDPA 2010. Thank you for your kind attention and support.

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Terms and Conditions

Handling and Courier Charges

The handling and courier charges are inclusive in the total payment via credit card. To view the charges, please click on the Handling and Courier Charges.

Replacement Policy

In the event it is proven the handbook was lost in shipment, we will provide replacement of the same handbook at no extra costs.

Purchasers are required to notify ICLIF within 3 working days from the expected delivery date that the handbook has yet to be delivered. ICLIF will investigate the shipment status prior to sending the replacement within 7 working days.

Exchange Policy

If the purchaser has received the handbook with missing pages or sections or defect due to shipment, and exchange for the missing/defective section of the handbook will be considered at no extra costs. ICLIF will make the exchange within 10 working days from the date of receiving the return portions of the handbook.

Purchaser must notify ICLIF of the exchange within 3 working days and arrange the handbook to be returned to ICLIF.Any notification for exchange made after the stipulated time frame will not be entertained.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and refund are not allowed.