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FIDE Good Governance Handbook


The Board of Directors play an important role in any organisation and its effectiveness will have a major impact on the success and future of the organisation. Investing time and energy in building up a strong Board is well worth the effort.


The handbook is designed as a quick reference guide for board members in understanding their commitment as company directors or board committee members and in particular, fulfilling their corporate governance obligations. It also gives a broad overview of good governance best practices which is in line with legislative requirements at the time of the preparation of the handbook.


The handbook is divided into 9 Parts and 4 Appendices as follows:

Part 1: Role of the Board
Part 2: Being a Director
Part 3: Setting and Reviewing Strategy
Part 4: Managing Risk and Recognising Red Flags
Part 5: Planning Succession
Part 6: Managing Talent
Part 7: Engaging Stakeholders
Part 8: Ensuring Integrity of Internal Controls & Management Information
Part 9: Working with Auditors


Appendix 1: Regulatory Framework
Appendix 2: Sample Board Policies
Appendix 3: Sample Committee Charters
Appendix 4: Evaluating Board Performance


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