Emerging Risks, the Future Board, and Return on Compliance

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Public and regulator expectations for directors continue to evolve rapidly, including due to evolving practices, new types of risks, and technology. Spending on compliance continues to increase and with it, the question on what is the return on this spending.


This refresher 1-day programme will inform you on key developments and stimulate you to prepare yourself as a board member for future challenges.


At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:


• Better understanding the horizon of emerging risks and their implications for the companies;

• Learn how to develop practices for dealing with emerging risks;

• Better anticipate the profile of future boards and skills that such boards will need;

• Understand emerging trends on compliance, compliance functions, and the board's role in compliance;

• Identify factors that impact on compliance effectiveness.


Faculty: Gabe Shawn Varges


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