Understanding Fintech and Its Implications for Banks

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The programme seeks to update directors on the latest in fintech developments and its implications for the banking industry. Directors will be provided with examples of fintech’s disruptive technology both in the payments and crowdfunding space; in record keeping and improvement of processes with the development of blockchain, and how it is changing the entire ecosystem of how businesses are done.


At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:


• Articulate the latest fintech developments and how it affects the banking industry;

• Explain the threat of fintech should financial institutions ignore these developments;

• Explain the current regulatory framework for fintech under Bank Negara Malaysia;

• Explain blockchain and its applications in banking;

• Consider the benefits of adopting fintech or partnering with fintech providers to improve banking services or processes.


Faculty: David Fong, Varun Mittal, Raj Lorenz, Jeffrey Chew


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