Understanding the Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape

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In today’s cybersecurity landscape, the only secure system is one that is unplugged, turned off and in a locked room. However, since it is clearly not practical to leave our systems turned off or shutdown, it is critical that we understand the risks our systems are exposed to and take the necessary measures to defend them. 


This programme is designed to help participants understand, assess and take a proactive posture in cybersecurity; and understand why cybersecurity is a board level responsibility, and how to manage and mitigate it.   


Learning Objectives


·         Learn the anatomy of a cyber attack;


·         Gain knowledge about the threat environment including the latest trends in cyber attacks;


·        Gain understanding on the regulatory requirements in Bank Negara Malaysia’s Risk Management in IT Guidelines and the Securities Commission’s Cybersecurity Guidelines;


·         Gain understanding on how to map security obligations by role across the organisation;


·         Provide directors with handles on what to look out for in overseeing cybersecurity risks;


·         Learn takeaway tips for protecting company and personal information.



Faculty: Clement Arul




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