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27 Sep-3 Oct,2014  Focus Malaysia: Governance of governance awards and ratings Mak Yuen Teen
25 Sep, 2014  Business TimesToo many cooks spoil the broth Mak Yuen Teen
30 Aug-5 Sep, 2014

 Focus MalaysiaBoards, keep your eye on culture, people and incentives

Nabil El-Hage
26 July-1 Aug, 2014

 Focus MalaysiaNominating committee fees rising?

Chris Bennett
23 June, 2014  The Edge: Governance in company groups Chris Bennett & Mak Yuen Teen
31 May-6 June,2014  Focus MalaysiaRisk management implications of global warming for FIs Youssef A Nasr

3-9 May, 2014

 Focus MalaysiaThe unpopularity of bankers: Lessons from Malaysia 

Jon Addis

29 Mar-4 Apr 2014

 Focus Malaysia: Compensation trends in financial services

Youssef A Nasr