Mergers & Acquisitions for FIs

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This two-day programme explores how firms create value through Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). It also examines the unique risks and opportunities faced by financial institutions engaging in cross-border transactions. We begin the programme by examining the link between firm strategy and M&A activity, and discuss how firms identify and capture merger synergies. We will then turn to the issue of globalisation and diversification, examining the role that M&A can play in a firm’s growth strategy, and how the Board should evaluate international acquisition opportunities. Our discussion will identify issues exacerbated by differences in national and corporate cultures, and we will explore best practices for addressing these issues. Finally, we will examine postmerger integration issues and what role Boards can play in managing a smooth transition. This programme will make use of Harvard Business School case studies to provide a highly interactive, deeply engaging learning experience. Throughout the session, we will identify practical lessons that will be relevant to programme participants.


Faculty: Nabil N. El-Hage & Youssef Nasr


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