Governance in Groups

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An important part of the governance “eco-system” that has received little attention relates to the issues relating to subsidiaries and other entities within a group (including joint ventures, associates and special purpose entities) and the problems faced by directors in these entities. Most listed and large unlisted companies are company groups. Often, entities within these groups operate across a number of geographies and industries, each bringing its own financial, operational, compliance and reputational risks. Most corporate governance standards and guidelines focus on directors of listed companies. Rules, regulations and codes for corporate governance largely ignore the governance issues that entities within a group and directors serving on boards of these entities face. The focus of most governance literature and most director education is on those who sit on the boards of listed companies. At the end of this programme, participants should have developed an enhanced understanding of the governance challenges in company groups, good practices in a subsidiary governance programme, issues arising from the potential conflicts of roles as an employee, a director, and a shareholder representative, and how to achieve satisfactory resolution to the dilemmas they may face.


Faculty: Mak Yuen Teen & Chris Bennett


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