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“The FIDE Programme was one of the best courses I have attended. Very professionally run and I learnt a lot. I found the case work of great value and the course will help me in the future.”
Leslie J. Mouat, Chairman of Chartis Insurance Berhad

“FIDE has helped me focus on the key issues that we should concentrate on i.e. to see the forest from the trees. It also provides useful insights and techniques which can be applied to various challenges we may face as directors. Continuous enhancement of the course based on participants’ feedback makes it refreshing and up-to-date.”
Datuk Zaiton Hassan, Director of Bank Islam Malaysia

“Attending FIDE leaves one feeling proud to be a financial institution director.”
Datuk Fong Weng Phak, Director of Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Bhd

“Very comprehensive and practical for the directors.”
Dr Choong Tuck Yew, Chairman of OSK Investment Bank Bhd

“The FIDE program is very practical especially when it is delivered through interesting case studies. I found the simulation exercise on the last day most helpful as it facilitates the application of knowledge gained during the programme. The facilities and service from the administration staff were also efficient.”
David Chan, Managing Director of United Overseas Insurance Ltd

“An extremely useful and relevant learning experience in financial corporate governance for Directors of financial institutions. A must attend course for Directors.”
YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Clifford Herbert, AmBank Berhad