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Module 1: Banking & Finance Operations

This programme will provide an overview of the role that is played by financial institutions in the life of customers. It will also explore the different aspects and areas of banking operations including what drives profits. Additionally, the programme will also discuss the basic risk management framework in finance, the fundamentals of asset management and new product development processes as well as the additional challenges posed by Islamic Finance.


Faculty: Mr Youssef A. Nasr, En Musa Abdul Malek, En Rustam Mohd Idris & En Faizal Jaffar




Module 2: Integrating Shariah Compliance in Governance 

This programme will consider the Shariah governance requirements in the IFSA 2013 and SGF 2010. It will also explore the roles and responsibilities of Shariah committee members in ensuring Shariah compliance and its relationship with the board. The programme will look at case studies on what makes for a successful Islamic Financial Institution versus governance failures in Islamic Institutions.


Faculty: En Rustam Mohd. Idris & Mr Nabil El-Hage




Module 3: Global Perspectives in Islamic Finance 

This programme will explore the development of Islamic Finance from understanding that is derived from the religious texts to actual case studies in the last century. It will also consider how to apply Shariah in the face of global financial challenges.


Faculty: Mr Chibli W. Mallat & Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar




Module 4: Finance Fundamentals 

This programme will discuss the accounting standards bodies’ stand on Islamic products as well as the financial reporting requirements under MFRS and IFRS. It will also consider the key differences between IFRS and AAOIFI. It will also focus on some key Shariah considerations in preparing financial statements. 


Faculty: Dato’ Faiz Mohammad Faiz Azmi